Moments With Cleft Patients

  • Cleft Lip Patient in Camp

    Gathering of cleft patients during camp.

  • Cleft Patients

    Cleft patients and their guardians actively gaining information about cleft deformities and its consequences.

  • Twins cleft lip patients

    Director following up with TWINS cleft patients.

  • Cleft Lip Child

    Mothers with their cleft children.

  • People with Cleft Deformities

    Gathering of people with cleft deformities.

  • Cleft Patients in Camp

    Diagnosing cleft patients during camp.

  • Baby with Cleft Lip

    Mother showing her little baby with Cleft lip.

  • Cleft Deformities

    Dr. Shyam addressing cleft patients and their guardians about cleft deformities.

  • Cleft Children

    Mrs. Sonal addressing cleft children.

  • Cleft Patients Counseling

    Dr. Shyam and Mrs. Sonal counseling Patients.

  • Cleft Patient Counseling

    Mrs. Sonal following up cleft patient.

  • Parents of Cleft Patient

    Mrs. Sonal addressing parents of cleft patient.

  • Cleft Patient Family

    Cleft patient when followed up with his family.

  • Cleft Patient Lady

    Cleft patient (lady) who showed her face after 30 years.