Hospital Beautification

  • Joyful Expression

    Creating joyful surrounding and expression

  • Team with Director

    Team along with directors do it together

  • Art by Patients

    Patients gives back beauty and art to the surrounding

  • Art of Cleft Patients

    Cleft patient post surgery adding his art to the walls of hospital

  • Parents with Cleft Patients

    Parents equally enjoy seeing their kids busy in learning and adding beauty to the hospital area

  • Support by Dr. Shyam

    Dr. Shyam: supports the project that imparts knowledge and inculcates willingness to learn and connect with other people.

  • Lovely Environment with Patients

    Environment where parents, children, team of doctors and management loves to join.

  • Cleft Child Painting

    Every children adds something to our hospital that reminds us of their happiness and old memory.

  • Doctor with Painting

    Doctors enjoys and express their happiness too when they see children walking out with smile on their face.

  • Cleft Child Enjoy Painting

    Cleft patient enjoying painting.