The GCCRI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How much does it cost to provide The GCCRI a surgery?

     Your contribution of $ 250 can provide free surgery that will change a child’s life greatly.

2. Can I donate part of a surgery, but not the entire $ 250?

     Your donation in any amount will greatly help a child or many to rehabilitate. Any amount as coming as donation is entitled to use for the poorest community

3. How do I make out my cheque?

     Cheques or money orders should be made out to “The Gujarat Cleft and Craniofacial Research Institute” (The GCCRI). Note: As we carry our cleft care project under this registered trust. And you will be provided with tax expemtion certificates under this trust only.

4. Where do I mail donations?

     The GCCRI, 415/416, Iskon center, Shivranjani cross roads, Satellite road, Ahedabad – 380015, Gujarat.

5. Where is The GCCRI located? And do they have any other branches in India or overseas?

     Our head office is located at 415/416, Iskon center, Shivranjani cross roads, Satellite road, Ahedabad – 380015, Gujarat. And we do not have any branhes neither in any part of the India nor overseas.

6. How do I make an online donation?

     To donate in US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Click on “Donate” tab on the site. If you are donating in any other currency, please contact us through mail or phone numbers mentioned below.

7. Is The GCCRI a registered chartiy?

     The GCCRI is a registered charity with Registration No. E:20038/AHD and Registration no.:E 17283/Ahd for The GCCRI.

8. Is a donation to The GCCRI tax deductible?

     No, is not yet registered for tax benefits (It’s in process). You will be updated once we will get the exemption certificates done. You may donate to “The Gujarat Cleft and Craniofacial Research Institute” (The GCCRI), to avail tax benefits. As we carry our cleft care projects under this charity. Note: Audit report will be shared on request.

9. Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation and how long will it take?

     If you make your donation online, you will receive a receipt via email immediately after your donation. If you make your donation over the phone or through the mail, as long as you provide an address with your donation, we’ll send you a tax receipt. Tax receipts are generated daily and depending on your location the receipt can take anywhere from 7-10 days from the deposit/processing date to be received.

10. How do I donate stock of old clothes, toys, education materials to The GCCRI?

     Please contact our management at +91-9879892684.

11. How do I wire funds directly to The GCCRI?

     Please call +91-79-269-25771 or +91-9825077232 And you may visit our accounts detail page on website under “Donate Now” tab.

12. Can I become a monthly donor?

     Yes you may opt for this.

13. Is my information confidential with The GCCRI?

     Yes, all financial information is confidential.

14. Does The GCCRI need volunteers?

     Yes we have several programs for volunteers, you may check get involved section on our website and write us for your volunteership. Link for the volunteer program: